Tips for Citing Electronic Resources

Websites on Writing

Websites on Writing for History:


  • Technology Frequently Asked Questions
  • Lesson 1 (PDF format)
    • Skills covered:
      • Open FrontPage from the start menu
      • Navigate to your online folder
      • Change the text
      • Change the background color
      • Save and insert graphic
  • Lesson 2 (PDF format)
    • Skills covered:
      • Create a new page in FrontPage
      • Change the title of your page
      • Link to another page within the same site
      • Link to a page outside the site
      • Link to a bookmark to create ‘jumps’ (optional)
      • Open in a new window (optional)
  • Lesson 3 (PDF format)
    • Skills covered:
      • How to view your work in a browser
      • Create a new page in FrontPage
      • Change the title of your page
      • How to make alt tags
      • How to make thumbnails
  • Lesson 4 (PDF format)
    • Skills covered
      • Create a table in FrontPage
      • Modify the table
      • Modify the individual cells of the table
  • Lesson 5 (PDF format)
    • Skills covered:
      • Creating navigation buttons and bars
      • Finding "pre-made" buttons to use


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Leffler, Warren K. "Pres. L.B. Johnson signs the 1968 Civil Rights Bill." 11 April 1968. Online image. 25 January 2005. <>

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