Multicultural America offers a cutting-edge curriculum that provides students with the skills and competencies they need to succeed inside and outside the university. These include study skills, research skills, presentation skills, and writing skills. Our curriculum emphasizes critical inquiry and cultural literacy.

Multicultural America replaces the traditional smorgasbord of disconnected freshmen core courses with an integrated curriculum of specially-linked courses that combine history, cultural studies, and composition.  Focusing on creativity and inventiveness from the late nineteenth century to the present, we study the complex interconnections between scientific, technological, and industrial developments and innovations in art, literature, and popular culture.

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Each week, our students engage in a “hands-on” history project. They conduct intensive research, interpret art, music, and film clips, and publish their findings using multimedia technologies and publish them on the Web.

Through the guidance of Victoria Burke of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, our students learn to think critically about how cultural objects and to interpret them as product of a particular time and place.

Faculty and graduate students in instructional technology teach our students how to bring the past to life by creating Web pages and multimedia presentations.
Extensive online resources—including a comprehensive online textbook, extensive primary sources, historic film clips, and musical works—break down classroom walls.

Cultural events—including a guest lecture by noted historian Eric Foner and a guided tour of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston—further invigorate the freshman experience.

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