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Class Policies


Attendance is essential. Those who are consistently absent, tardy, or leave early may be penalized.

Academic Honesty

All work must be your own. In any case of cheating or plagiarism, the penalty will be failing the course. For written work, keep your preparation materials, and be prepared to explain the meaning of everything you write.

Any unacknowledged use of the words, ideas, insights, or the original research of another is strictly prohibited.

Cheating includes (but is not confined to):

  • passing off someone else's work as your own
  • giving or receiving any assistance during an examination

As a condition of taking this course, all required papers may be subject to submission for textual similarity review to or a similar service for the detection of plagiarism. All submitted papers will be included as source documents in the reference database solely for the purpose of detecting plagiarism of such papers.

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Your instructor is committed to ensuring that students with health impairments, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, psychiatric disorders, or other disabilities are able to successfully compete with non-disabled students. Students requesting an accommodation must contact the instructor at the beginning of the semester.

Under UH’s policy, only students who are registered with the Center for Students with DisAbilities may request academic accommodations; students must also have an approved recommendation from UH’s Academic Accommodations Evaluation Committee. UH’s disabilities policy is available at:

Cell Phones and Pagers

Cell phones, beepers, or pages are a significant distraction and must be placed on vibrate or silent mode prior to coming to class. Do not answer phones during class. If you are expecting an emergency phone call, you must make arrangements with the instructor prior to class. Those using a cell phone must leave the classroom for the remainder of the class period. Students who repeatedly violate this policy will be dropped from the class.

Disruptive Behavior

Any behavior that adversely affects the normal educational functioning or the professional standards of the class will result in failure for the course.

Student Support Services

The University Studies Division, 320 Student Service Center: support for students in transition, freshmen students on Academic Notice, Texas Academic Skills Program (TASP) eligible students, pre-health professional students and prospective students. For helpful information, access the USD website at

Academic Advising, available for declared majors in the college or department of their major.

Center for Students with DisABILITIES, Justin Dart, Jr. "Live the Dream" Center for Students with DisABILITIES CSD Building # 568, Room 100 (832)842-7104: provides numerous academic support services to individuals with any type of learning disability, health impairment, physical limitation or psychiatric disorder.

Learning Support Services, 321 Social Work: tutoring in most subjects and workshops in reading and study skills and exam preparation.

University Career Services, 106 Student Service Center: computer-based career search tools and major choice workshops.

University Counseling and Psychological Services, 226 Student Service Center: personal counseling and academic workshops in choice of major, time management, test anxiety, adjustment from high school to college, etc.

Writing Center, 217 Agnes Arnold Hall: writing tutoring

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