Multicultural America
Fall 2004

Writing Consultations and Workshops:

Policy and Schedules



To ensure that you will be as successful as possible on your essays, I have scheduled several workshops to help you with the content issues in your essays as well as deal with the “nuts and bolts” of organization, formatting, paraphrasing, citations, and works cited pages.  You also have the opportunity to have private writing consultations with Nicole, Ms. Kamrath, or another of the consultants in the Writing Center.


In addition to these opportunities being part of your professionalism grade, you CAN NOT make an “A” on your essay unless you have either a one-on-one consultation or attend one of the workshops.


          Writing Workshops:


          Wednesday, October 6        2:30 – 3:30; AH 213


          Saturday, October 9           2:00 – 3:00; AH Writing Center (Room TBA)


          Thursday, October 14         11:30 – 12:30; AH 212


          Saturday, November 20       12:30 - 1:30; AH 212


          Wednesday, December 1     12:00 - 1:00; AH 212


          Thursday, December 2        11:30 - 12:30; AH 212



Sign-up sheets for Nicole, Ms. Kamrath, and the workshops will be in class on Saturdays and in the Writing Center, AH 217, in the red, WID sign-up book, during the week. 


If you can not see Nicole or Ms. Kamrath, or come to one of the workshops, you can see another consultant in the Writing Center. You can either come during walk-in hours or sign up for a specific time in the sign-in book in AH 217.


Walk-in hours for the Writing Center, AH 214:


          M – Th.         9:00 – 8:30

          Friday           9:00 – 4:00

          Saturday       9:00 – 3:00


When you come for a writing consultation with someone other than Nicole or Ms. Kamrath, bring your prompt and all of your work.   Print the writing consultation form and bring it with you.  The consultant will sign it and describe the areas that you covered.  Staple this form to the back of your essay.


You are also welcome to work with a consultant at any time, whether you are working on one of the web projects or one of the essays.   This extra help will only make your writing stronger.


Note:  Writing consultants do not edit or “proofread” papers or predict the grade you will receive, but assist you in organizing your thoughts and developing confidence in your ability to communicate. 


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