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Paintings, photographs, and sculpture are not simply a mirror of the world around them; they are rich cultural documents. We teach students to interpret art works and to locate them in historical context.
Music pervades our lives; yet formal musical training has declined sharply. As a result, few know much about the cultural history, the political economy, or the sociology of music.
An ability to write effectively is essential for success. We teach students how to conceptualize and express ideas through intensive "real world" and disciplinary-based writing.
In the 21st century, technological literacy is as important as traditional literacies. Our students need to be able to use computer and communication technologies to conduct research and and present findings.
More than mere entertainment, popular movies record the atmosphere of a historical era, speak to social anxieties, and represent the past, and convey messages about politics, gender, ethnicity, and moral values.
places-timeline.jpg (117641 bytes) A Year in Time
Students created web pages that expressed their understandings of the unique characteristics of that year. Their projects illustrate the complex interconnections between economic, political, scientific, and technological developments and transformations in American culture.
Knowledge of the past is our best guide in making the decisions that will shape the future. Our people-centered history emphasizes drama, struggle, contingency, suspense, and the clash of ideas.
Digital History
Our nationally-recognized website includes a comprehensive U.S. history textbook, extensive primary sources, succinct essays, and a complete collection of references resources.
Literature provides rich insights into human nature and diverse historical periods, allows us to see the world through the minds of people unlike ourselves, and sensitizes us to the nuances of language.
Audio & Video
To give our students a vivid sense of the past, we provide historic art works, maps, music, newspapers, photographs, speeches, and film clips.
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